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Weight loss food ingredients

1, calcium pyruvate
Can enhance exercise endurance, increase cell energy, prevent or reduce caused by eating too much fat and weight gain, inhibit the efficiency of the heart, muscle, reduce the high fat eaters cholesterol. Calcium pyruvate as a dietary supplement, has accelerated consumption of fat, reduce weight, strengthen the body's endurance to improve athletic performance, and so on; Have a special protection for the heart, can enhance the efficiency of the heart muscle, reduce heart disease or heart ischemia damage; At the same time, the calcium pyruvate has engulfed free radicals and inhibiting the production of free radicals and other significant effects.

2, conjugated linoleic acid
Conjugated linoleic acid is a kind of unsaturated fatty acid, it came from material in linoleic acid, linoleic acid structure different but with time, times of linoleic acid, also known as the opposite sex. Lipid fatty acid is a main component, but also forms the foundation of the body and become an important nutrient for heat. Fatty acids in accordance with the structure of the saturated fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids of different points, if excessive saturated fatty acid intake, increases blood cholesterol and neutral fat, cause hardening of the arteries; On the other hand, is rich in unsaturated fatty acids of fat called is a good fat, representative is rich in olive oil and rapeseed oil of oleic acid, and from the green back fish intake of EPA and DHA.

3, rimonabant
The product name rimonabant
English name: rimonabant
CAS NO: [168273-06-1)
Chemical formula: C22Cl3HN4O
Physical and chemical properties: white to white crystalline powder, soluble in methanol. Melting point: 230 ℃ ~ 240 ℃
Indications: new weight loss, smoking cessation, fall hematic fat, pharmaceutical raw materials.
Main use: new medicine reducing weight, and can be applied to quit smoking.

4, l-carnitine
Animal body tissue cells need energy form of ATP, the synthesis of ATP is the main energy source fatty acid, grape acid, protein, etc. Animal fat is the main energy storage material, carnitine plays an irreplaceable role to the oxidation of fatty acid. Weight loss and the elimination of fatty liver

5, active pharmaceutical ingredients - 5 - hydroxy tryptophan to lose weight
Appearance: white powder
Function: 5 - hydroxy tryptophan serotonin precursor substances is the human body, the body can help balance this hormone to control human emotions, improve the quality of sleep, and can effectively control appetite, improve the sensitivity of the satiety center, during the process of weight loss diet control, reduce hungry feeling, make the weight loss process more easier to achieve.

6, nicotinic acid polymer chromium
Character description: this strain smoke gray crystalline tiny powder, liquid, stable under normal temperature, insoluble in water, insoluble in ethanol, which is suitable for trivalent chromium chromium.
Nicotinic acid chromium is nicotinic acid polymer and bioactive organic trivalent chromium by biochemical technology synthesis of a new type of medicine, food additive. Nicotinic acid chromium has a lower blood sugar, fall hematic fat action such as (and no unpleasant side effects).

7, lotus leaf extract (lotus leaf base)
Lotus leaf alkali can promote the decomposition of fat, at the same time has a diuretic laxative, bowel poison, lipid-lowering oil removal, such as clear heat antipyretic effect, can significantly reduce serum triglyceride and cholesterol levels, has the health good of adjusting blood fat

8, orlistat
Combined with micro low-calorie diet for obese and overweight participants including those already obesity-related risk factors of patients with long-term treatment. With long-term weight control (weight loss, maintain weight rebound and prevention) curative effect. Taking saini can reduce the risk of associated with obesity
Factors and the incidence of other diseases associated with obesity, including high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes.

9, hydroxyl citric acid
Hydroxy citric acid can inhibit certain enzyme reaction and reduce appetite, eat this matter before each meal, every gram weight loss a pound, overweight women to 600-900 mg daily, can lose weight. Cane from extract, HCA full name is: hydroxycitric acid; Hydroxy citric acid is a kind of pure natural cane from extracts. HCA from pure natural extract, with western medicine raw materials definite chemical composition and mechanism of reducing weight. It by inhibiting fat synthesis, and promote the burning of fat acid, reduce food intake, trinity, achieve the effect that reduce weight thin body, is a kind of rare, the most ideal effect reducing weight today, the most healthy weight loss and health raw materials.

10, Flynn (immature bitter orange extract)
Zinn Flynn (Synephrine) is the main active component of lime fruit, it can effectively prevent excess energy (heat), by the wind and qi, warm the stomach promote appetite and accelerate metabolism. Lime in TOC can accelerate fat metabolism and don't like to use ephedra as appear to the side effects of adverse cardiovascular patients. It is also a kind of gentle fragrance of expectorant, a nerve sedative and laxative for the treatment of constipation. User can forecast the effect of variable including redundant quantity of heat consumption, reduce appetite and increase satiety, these are likely to lead to weight loss. A study on dogs and symplectic Flynn is put forward in special fat called brown fat tissue can improve metabolic rate.
Zinn Flynn acid-insoluble ash extract as standard have been recommended. 4-20 mg daily dose of symplectic Flynn is as a standard contains 200-600 mg of acid-insoluble ash extract product symplectic Flynn (3-6%) of typical dosage.

11, water honeylocust extracts
Honeylocust water Extract of Cassia Nomame Extract. For leguminous plants bean tea tree Cassia Nomame (sibe.) Kitagawa whole herb extracts, effective ingredients for flavanols, water honeylocust flavanols Extract is a kind of natural lipase inhibitor, it can restrain lipase breaks down fat for absorb

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