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i make cook 100mg/mL tren a for 500mL

Melting Point = 94-97°C

100mg/mL Trenbolone Acetate Recipe for 500mL
50 gram Trenbolone Acetate powder (37.5mL)
10mL BA (2%)
75mL BB (15%)
377.5mL Oil

Step 1
Use a 1000ml beaker add BA,BB and Grapeseed Oil ,heating and stiring to 60C,add tren a powder,heating to about 76℃ melt point,

Step 2
seems all melt liquid,but still heating to about 97℃ ( melt point) and stiring 2 minutes for complete melt,then get clear dark orange semi oil (if room temperature is cold , please heating to more ℃, like 10℃,please heating to about 105℃)

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